Why You Should Join the Influenster Community (#InfluensterCA)

 One of the reasons I started blogging and becoming active on social media is because I like to talk about stuff. The good things, the bad things - all the things! I'll always have an opinion about it all.
  It's so much fun finding companies that like to connect with opinionated people. So when I read that Influenster (a community of social media savvy consumers- just like you and I) is increasing their Canadian content I jumped for joy! 

  I've already tried out a few VoxBox product campaigns with them and I have to say that I've been very happy with how easy it is to take part. With campaigns that have always been fun (and sometimes mysterious) and the extra incentive to go above and beyond for bonus perks it is always a great day when I get an email about an Influenster campaign! I've never felt any pressure to be fake and fluff up my opinion or to leave a review on a 3rd party website as a mandatory requirement for the campaigns. Some companies don't want the whole picture shared. Influenster wants your honest opinion to be out there.

  Some of the current and past campaigns I've taken part in have included products by Broadway Nails, L'Oreal and Lancome.....

 With constant updates on the Influenster Canada Facebook and Twitter it is easy to find out what the current VoxBox programs and Twitter Parties are all about. 

 It's completely free to join Influenster - just complete your profile and keep an eye out for surveys to qualify for campaigns. If you are a chatty Mama it is a *great* time to sign up. RIGHT NOW. (A not so subtle hint)
 So what are you waiting for? ....

*Disclosure~ This is a sponsored post. My feelings and opinions about the company and products featured mentioned are 100% legit.

The Great Canadian Friday #Giveaway #Linky!

 Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great first full week of back to school! I have to admit that I like the early bedtime routine- it's great for more me time!

 Looking for something to do with all of your me time? Check out the growing list of Canadian Friendly giveaways listed below! Some are open to the US and world wide as well so if you are wandering by from somewhere else take a peek!

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 Good Luck and thanks for stopping by.

The Great Canadian Friday #Giveaway #Linky!

 Hooray it's Friday! It's been a crazy busy week with the holiday on Monday and the kids finally back in school but here we are! Time to celebrate with a cup of coffee (or tea or wine) and come and enter some blog giveaways.....

Got a blog giveaway to add? If it is open to Canada feel free to add it to the list for some extra exposure....winning all around!

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