Easy Bocconcini Salad Recipe

 I love salads- especially during these lazy days of Summer when I'd rather dip my toes into a pool than fire up the stove. Salads are a quick and versatile way to get full of veggies and super hard to screw up!

 Bocconcini are tasty little mozzarella balls. You can usually find them packed in water and in the cheese or deli section of the supermarket. Combined with a zippy arugula salad mix and tasty dressing it's a perfect compliment to an Italian meal (or a meal all on its own). But really- I think what I like the best about this Easy Bocconcini Salad is that the only required proper measuring is when you make the dressing! I usually just measure the salad out by handfuls of this and that but I've made it easy for you with a written recipe- Check it out!

serves: 2-4

prep time: 5 minutes


1     bag of mixed salad greens
1     pint of grape tomatoes
1/3   red onion, sliced into thin rings
1/3   cucumber, sliced
4-8   bocconcini balls

1/4   cup extra virgin olive oil
1      tablespoon lemon juice
1      clove garlic, minced
5      fresh basil leaves, chiffoned
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


Combine first 5 ingredients in a bowl.

Combine second 5 ingredients in another bowl and whisk together. Or put dressing ingredients in a jar and shake until combined.

Combine salad and dressing together. Serve immediately.

Veet Natural Inspirations Review

Ah Summer! The time of year when we can finally flaunt our legs without the cold giving us goosebumps!

Cute shorts, capris, skirts, tank tops and bikinis are definite staples for a hot weather wardrobe- and stubble is definitely not! To any true Canadian Girl this warm weather means it is time for us to shed our furry winter coats. Thank goodness there are simple ways to get smooth legs, armpits, and bikini lines!

I've been giving several Veet Natural Inspirations products a try to see how easy they are to use. This new line features up to 100% naturally sourced ingredients like Shea Butter, avocado oil and aloe in the sugar wax, hair removal cream, and wax strips. At an affordable price of $8.79- $21.99 they sure beat what you would pay for frequent salon services!

My favorite from the line is the Veet Natural Inspirations Hair Remover Cream. It comes in two varieties- Sensitive Skin, Normal and Dry Skin. I simply slathered on a thick, even layer of the Normal and Dry Skin cream onto my legs and waited 5 minutes. After a quick test (those pesky hairs) I waited 5 minutes more and then rinsed off with warm water and voila! Smooth and moisturized gams (thanks to added Avocado oil!) Simple to use with such little mess. I usually shave so I sure noticed the few extra stubble free days- WIN!

The Veet Natural Inspirations Facial Cream kit was just as easy to use as the remover cream. It took care of my girly moustache with no problem. I didn't care for the traditional depilatory smell - but it's a small price to pay for beauty.

I didn't try the Veet Natural Inspirations Facial Wax Strips but I'm sure that being made with pine tree resin and natural Shea Butter that they would be a great choice for people looking for a more natural facial wax product!

The Veet Natural Inspirations Sugar Wax contains 100% naturally sourced ingredients and is a generous 250mL size. I tried the Normal and Dry Skin formula and wasn't very successful at waxing my thigh. Despite following the very precise instructions I only managed to get about 50% of the hair off. It's been my typical result with sugar waxes so I'm guessing my hair roots have strong grip!

My last test was with the Veet Natural Inspirations Sensitive Formula Wax Strips. Made of 95% naturally sourced stuff like pine resin and aloe these nifty strips are easy to use. Simply rub the strip with your hands to warm it up, separate the strips, slap one on, and rip it off! I think the fear of pain got the best of me with these. I was able to get about 75% of the hair off. Not too shabby! I also tested a half strip on a forearm because I wanted to see if maybe the way I was ripping the strip off mattered. I now have a lovely 100% hair free strip on my arm. Thank goodness I'm naturally a blonde!

After all of my human testing I would have to say that I like some of the products more than others. I'm guessing it all comes down to how you apply and remove the waxes and creams to get the optimal results of up to 28 days of hair free bliss- and as a usual non-waxer I need practise (and nerves of steel!)

You can find the Veet Naturals Inspirations line in drug, grocery and retail stores across Canada.

*disclosure- I was provided with products for review purposes at no cost. My opinions are my own, and honest, and are not influenced in anyway.

Two Paws Up for Catpods Kitty Pucks! (Review)

 Meet my rescue kitty Mo (short for Tassimo)

 Mr. Mo has been living the good life at a temporary home and as a result he has gotten a tad chubby over the winter. He has also developed a major addiction to the catnip, kitty treats and fuzzy mouse toys. I'm his dealer, and his babysitter is his enabler.
 I only get the best for my fat cat. I found that Catpods.com has a nifty (and affordable) way to cover his nip and toy needs. Their Kitty Pucks cat toys are the leftover discs of catnip saturated industrial strength corrugated cardboard that they use to make their eco-friendly cat furniture products! Lucky me- I won a bag of these tempting kitty toys.

 I sent a pack of 6 Kitty Pucks over for furry fatso to try out. His sitter let him over indulge by letting him have the WHOLE bag to play with! I can't figure out why he is fat. Can you?

 By the looks of the pictures it looks like Mo thinks these are the Cat's Meow!

 You can visit the Catpods website to buy your kitty some Kitty Pucks- your kitty will be glad that you did!

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